Super Farm & Hot Farm Turbos

Colberg Hi-Flow, Light-Weight exhaust turbine wheels have proven faster shaft speed, increased intake boost and less back pressure.
Our new Colberg Turbines have been Dyno-tested – with gains of as much as 100 horsepower – with typical performance improvements of 50 to 90 horsepower.

Colberg Engineered turbo chargers are designed, and proven, to help give your pulling program the winner’s edge.

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Micro Blue Technology

The throttle plate stop on my tractor, ProPain, has been set at 650rpm at idle for several years. During a recent teardown, I MicroBlue’d the sleeves, pistons, rings, rod bearings and main bearings before re-assembly. Without touching the throttle plate stop, the idle after MicroBlue went to 1,000rpm. MicroBlue really is amazing.” -Mark Colberg

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